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The Rights of the Husband and Wife

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It is from Allah’s wisdom, Glorified and Exalted is He, that, over time, the Muslims have spread to every corner of the earth. In recent decades, however, this spread has been attributed to several causes, and what has been noticed and is not hidden from anybody who is familiar with the state of Muslims in Western societies is their lacking many of the factors of a social and Islamic upbringing that are normal and customary in Islamic societies. These norms and customs, of course, come from the Revealed Law, whose source is the Book, the Sunnah, the consensus of the Ummah, and the preferred opinions of the imams and scholars. Thus, one of the most important reasons for the social stability that is found in Islamic societies is that life is based on solid foundations that come from the teachings of the Revealed Law.

  • Paperback - 122 pages
  • By - Shaykh ʿAbdul Hādī al-Kharsah
  • Translated by - Mahdi Lock
  • Published - December 2022
  • ISBN - 978-981-18-5672-3

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