Islamic Discourse in Religious Institutions


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About The Book

Allah the Exalted said, "Let there be a group among you who call to goodness, encourage what is good, forbid what is evil; it is they who are successful." - [Quran 3:104]

This treatise, authored by al-Ḥabīb 'Umar Bin Ḥafīz, a master of the inward and outward sciences of Islam, is a timely and significant contribution to the field of Fiqh al-Da'wa (the principles of calling people to Allah). The author addresses some of the challenges facing Islamic institutions, provides the most prominent means for impact, and presents ten steps for the further development and effectiveness of the discourse.

We ask Allah to grant those serving in religious institutions His enabling grace (tawfīq) in carrying and fulfilling the trust with excellence, that He unites their hearts, and that Allah causes this treatise, and others like it, to reach their hearts and minds, having a positive impact on their states and affairs, being a means for attaining the desired outcome and fulfilling the covenants with Allah—which, in turn, leads to the arrival of His promised support.

  • Paperback - 68 pages
  • By - Al-Habib Umar bin Hafiz
  • Translated by Amjad Tarsin
  • Published - 2020
  • ISBN - 9781735376707

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