The Body of The Prophet's Nation

The Shimmering Light

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Habib Muhammad has authored a beautiful treaties and gives us an insight upon the words of The Beloved Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (May the peace and blessing be upon him) where he was recorded in a Hadith saying: The example of the believers in their reciprocal love and mercy for each other is like a human body, when one of its organs suffers, the rest of the body remains awake and suffers from fever. Narrated by Ahmad, Muslim and Shihab This work is an exposition of the Noble Hadith mentioned above. Habib Muhammad al-Saqqaf frames a way of thinking about the Umma, as set out in the Hadith, and links the 'parts' of the metaphorical body, such as the head, heart and hormones, to the functions of sections of the umma, thus drawing out a holistic view of the Umma of the Prophet (PBUH).


Paperback - 36 pages

Author: Habib Muhammed Ahmad B.Abdul Rahman Al-Saqqaf

Translated - Mohammed Ahmad Mbaye

Published - 2017

ISBN - 9780991682706

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