The Laws of The Heart - Introduction to the Spiritual Path in Islam

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A book about the spiritual life of a Muslim in accordance with the Shariah and the Sunnah. Covering a variety of topics from a scholar who is generally known as being the last great Ottoman scholar.


  1. An Introduction to the Spiritual Path in Islam
  2. The States of the Student of the Hereafter
  3. Righteous Deeds
  4. The Path and the Laws of the Heart
  5. Law, Way and Realisation 
  6. Repentance
  7. Liberation and Adornment 
  8. The Wretchedness of the World; and Long Hopes
  9. The Remembrance of Death 
  10. Knowledge of the nafs
  11. Complete Reliance and Deferring Every Outcome to God
  12. Love
  13. Longing
  14. Ecstasy
  15. Spiritual Retreat
  16. Brotherhood for the Sake of God, and its Virtues 
  17. The First Method of Remembrance According to the Naqshbandiyya: By Name of the Essence
  18.  The Lataif: or, The Subtle Faculties of the Soul
  19. The Second Method of Remembrance According to Naqshbandiyya: By Negation and Affirmation
  20. The Seal of the Khwajagan
  21. The One Correctly Taken as Guide
  22. The Proper Conduct of the Seeker with the Guide
  23. Etiquette of the Seeker with His Brothers and Other Muslims
  24. The Proper Conduct of the Seeker While Alone
  25. A Conclusion in Two Parts, Concerning Some of the Characteristics of the Believers and Mentioning Some of the Prophetic Bequeaths 
  • By - Shaykh Muhammad Emin Er
  • Paperback - 168 pages
  • Book size - L 20cm X  W 12.5cm
  • Published - 2015 
  • ISBN - 9780990002666

Who Is Shaykh Muhammad Emin Er?

The Late Muhammed Emin Er (1907(?)-2013 - The Last Ottoman Scholar 

Imagine a tree rooted in Anatolia, yet casting a wide shadow and bearing fruit that spreads and benefits the entire globe.  From Japan to America, individuals found rest under its shade and were bestowed with abundant fruits satiating their spiritual thirst and hunger. This is a tree that without expecting anything in return, rendered its service to anyone without discrimination of any type. This looming tree symbolizes the life and teachings of the late Islamic scholar Muhammed Emin Er, who passed away on Thursday night of 27 June 2013. His farewell was marked by those he touched from around the globe who came to give their final respects and make amends for any past transgressions. 

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