Huma's Travel Guide To Palestine

Huma Press

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If you are thinking of visiting Palestine this is the travel guide for you. Huma’s travel guide to Palestine is immersed in history, religious traditions and the sacrifice of its people. It is an essential book for every Muslim household as it covers in detail information on Jerusalem, the west bank, the Gaza strip and historical Palestine. Each city is filled with important travel information from in-depth historical sites, accommodation and places to eat. The book also provides useful maps, a language and culture guide, a fiqh of travel, biographies of key Palestinian personalities written by Ismail Adam Patel and Arwa Aburawa.

Huma's guide to Palestine

Paperback - 305 pages

By - Ismail Adam Patel & Arwa Aburawa

Published - 2016

ISBN - 9781906949396

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