Understanding Islam and the Muslims

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Understanding Islam and the Muslims: The Muslim Family, Islam and World Peace

“A much welcome contribution-an accurate and scholarly presentation of the Islamic faith. Having carefully reviewed the contents, I find there is nothing to add. The Ministry of Islamic Endowments intends to make this reliable resource available on its website." - Dr. Ali Jum'a Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence, University of Al-Azhar

Myths and misunderstanding continue to proliferate about Islam and its millions of followers worldwide. Through colored photographs and a question-and-answer format, this expanded edition of an introduction to Islam offers succinct, and sometimes surprising, answers to frequently-asked questions about the Muslim faith. This version has the endorsement of Al-Azhar University of Cairo, the center of Islamic study for the entire Muslim world. Key questions addressed include: What do Muslims believe?; Does Islam encourage violence?; What is Jihad?; and Are Muslim men considered superior to women?

Paperback - 99 pages 

By (authors) - John A. Williams & T.J. Winter aka Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad 

Published - 2003 

ISBN - 9781887752473



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