Unveiling Islam - Roger Du Pasquier

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Unveiling Islam - Roger Du Pasquier - Translated by  T. J. Winter - Nawa Books

Alone among the world’s religions, Islam is not just surviving but flourishing. Yet many people know little about Islam and regard its continuing attraction as something of a mystery. In this book, Du Pasquier, an award-winning Swiss journalist, provides a thorough introduction to Muslim belief, history and culture. He deals not only with topical issues such as ‘fundamentalism’ and the status of Muslim women, but provides an overview of the Qur’an, the Prophet, Islamic history, and the nature of Muslim art and literature. Unbiased yet passionate, the book offers an ‘unveiling’ which must be heeded if the present mutual incomprehension between East and West is to be overcome.

Paperback - 166 pages 

By - Roger Du Pasquier 

Translated by - T. J. Winter aka Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad 

Published - 1993

ISBN - 9780946621323

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