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Hello! We are Muhammad Jalaluddeen and Syariati Sulaiman, two people who are very different in personality and character but share our lives with an open heart and similar passion and interests in education, learning and reading.

Muhammad Jalaluddeen S.A.

Nawa Books was founded by Muhammad Jalaluddeen, an Islamic Teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. He is also a book enthusiast and collector. He received formal Islamic Education at Madrasah Aljunied in Singapore and continued his higher learning in Damascus, Syria. There Muhammad Jalaluddeen realised that what is needed by most Muslims is a basic understanding of Islam and what is means to be a Muslim. This need is why we founded Nawa Books.

Siti Syariati Sulaiman Syariati Sulaiman took a different route to discover her Islamic knowledge. Coming from a Catholic Girls' School, she then went to Damascus, Syria for an Arabic and Islamic learning experience and it was there that she discovered how Islam beautifully softens and moulds one's heart and soul. She became a freelance tutor to coach full-time Madrasah students and after completing her degree, she continues to share her love for Islam and how to live in this Faith everyday. She is now a full-time mum, freelance Spiritual Motivator and Doula.

READ = اقرأ

Through Nawa Books we aim to provide anyone interested to discover, read and learn about Islam, with quality Islamic books that are reliable, authentic and easy to understand. Here, we truly believe in the transformative power of reading Islamic books, seeking knowledge and its ability to change minds, elevate the soul, purify the heart, achieve true happiness and inspire people everywhere.

All of the books available have been carefully selected by to ensure that whatever you seek to attain for yourself or your family is met.

Feel free to drop us a "Hello", ask questions or seek book recommendations suited to your needs. We gladly welcome your queries and are happy to be in touch with you! You may reach us at info@nawabooks.com.

May Allah SWT bless us in our journey of seeking knowledge and may He bestow upon us true happiness in this world and the hereafter, Ameen.