The Wonders of Waqf

The Foreword

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Waqf is a means of drawing nearer to Allah. It is an act of worship. Waqf shows the sincerity of the endower’s faith, his desire for goodness and his avidity for the interests of the Muslims. It shows his love for them and for their subsequent generations, as he is keen for them to receive benefits that are never interrupted. Since the time of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, the Muslims have provided the most sublime examples in the fields of waqf.

This is a translation by Mahdi Lock on three chapters from the book Min Rawāʾiʿ Ḥaḍāratinā by Dr Muṣṭafā as-Sibāʿī, namely the chapter on endowments in general plus the chapter on schools and academic institutions and the chapter on hospitals and medical institutions.

Author: Mustafa as-Siba'i
Translator: Mahdi Lock

Paperback - 94 pages

Published - 2019
ISBN - 9780244200763

About The Author

Dr Mustafa As-Siba'i was born in 1333 AH (1915 AD) in the city of Hams, Damascus. He memorised the Qur'an at a very young age. His primary and secondary studies were completed in the Masudiyyah School.

He always excelled in studies and was known for his intelligence and academic brilliance. He studied the Islamic Sciences with his father Shaykh Hasani Sibai and in circles with great scholars and jurists of Hams.

His teachers included Shaykh Tahir Al-Atasi (Mufti of Hams at the time), Shaykh Zahid Al-Atasi, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yasin, Shaykh Anis Kalalib and others.

From the young age of eighteen, he used to deliver the Friday khutbahs in the absence of his father. In1351 AH, he went to Egypt and enrolled at the University of Al-Azhar to study fiqh.

Upon completing his studies of fiqh, he enrolled at the Usul al-Deen Faculty of Al-Azhar and excelled in his studies. In 1949, he completed his PhD on the theme of 'The Position of Sunnah in Legislation'.

In 1368 Ah, he was appointed Professor of Law at the University of Damascus and in 1955, he established the Faculty of Shariah at the same university.

He established the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria in 1945. Dr Sibai was elected to the Syrian Parliament from 1949-1954. He passed away in 1384 AH (1964 AD).


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