To Every Young Woman Who Believes In Allah

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The fourth volume of Imam al-Buti's pinnacle papers. 

The woman’s covering…her freedom…her working…her rights: these are the last cards that the professional agents of the ideological attack have left to play with as they try to drive the Muslim woman away from her religion, and then transform her into an effective weapon against Muslim youth to prevent them from establishing an Islamic society.

The book To Every Young Woman Who Believes in Allah was able to rip up these remaining cards and liberate the Muslim woman from the foolishness of frivolous people, the schemes of those who despise Islam, and the lies of those who slander it. Let everyone, near and far, be assured that the current Muslim drive towards the objective that Allah has commanded them to strive for will continue to move forward, rising above every base desire and being alert to every deceit.

Abḥāth fil-Qimmah (‘Pinnacle Papers’) comprises ten books by the Imam, each of which covers an important topic in Islamic thought. The great scholar deals with several problematic issues that have been raised in recent times in a brilliant, fluent fashion.

  • Paperback - 81 pages
  • By - Imam Muḥammad Saʿīd Ramaḍān al-Būṭī
  • Translated by - Mahdi Lock
  • Published - August 2022
  • ISBN - 978-981-18-4907-7

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